Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019 – Long Ride on Flash to Malabar Farms

Woke up to another gorgeous day, and since I had a day off from caregiving, I went on a long ride on Flash. The only con to this place is the lack of trails. The ones they have are nice, but there is only about an hour or so of riding if you take every trail in the park. You have to get off the property to get to more trails, and even that's pretty boring. I've noticed some people will take the trail toward Malabar, then make a big loop around a crop field a few miles out and come back again on the same trail. But Flash and I were both ready for a long ride today, so we headed out on the same linear trail to Malabar and kept going. I found one alternative trail to take that added a new trail experience, then later found the trail up to the Jeez overlook, which is the highest point around. Hubby and I had already driven out there, but I wanted to make it on horseback and we had no problem getting up to it. Passed a couple of bikers going in, but it was quiet at the summit when we got there. Beautiful view of the surrounding area, including the lake in the distance. Flash was in the mood to go, go, go today, and we did over 16 miles in less than 3.5 hours, averaging 4.7 miles per hour according to my mapping program. We did quite a bit of cantering along the fields as well as gaiting through the forest. He loves to move, this horse! And yet when we got back, the only sweat was under the saddle pad, just as it should be! Good horse! Great ride! Settled down for the afternoon reading and napping, a really fantastic day!

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