Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019 – Ride Day with Hubby

We both got another excellent night sleep, now that the heat wave was pushed out by yesterday's storms, and the temps and humidity are way down. Hubby woke up ready to go on a ride, so after a glass of juice, I saddled up the horses and got going. We essentially did the same trail as before only backward, with the addition of a section of purple trail I hadn't found before, but discovered when I took Lola for her walk this morning. We cut out a small section of the white trail, so the ride was only 2.8 miles and under an hour, but it suited him just fine. If he rides more often it will make up for it. I'm hoping he'll be able to go every morning before he dialyzes, which will make it every other day, so that should strengthen him up. Again, he was able to climb on Apollo from the bench of the picnic table, and I only had to give him the smallest bit of help getting his leg back over when he was getting off, so he keeps improving, yay! It was a lovely ride, perfect weather, fabulous day! Got back, put the horses away and got him dialyzing pretty early, so we should have a nice quiet night tonight. Folks have been pulling out all day and by suppertime, it was empty again, thank goodness. Not that we don't like people, mind you, we just like being on our own a little better. No need to compromise or make the effort to be tolerant of other's odd ways. Looking forward to a quiet week!

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