Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020 – Final Ride at McIntosh

Hi Babe,
Woke up before 4:00 am and couldn’t get back to sleep hardly at all, read for a long time hoping to doze off, and only did for a couple of minutes. Got up and fed everybody, had breakfast, then Bobby showed up to ride, but we waited for Stephanie, who I thought was coming early, but turns out that she didn’t make it until after 1:00 because she thought we were going for a morning ride, which I didn’t know. Anyway, we finally got out on the trail, then Lola started getting all funny for some reason. She was so nervous about being behind the horses that at one point she actually headed back to camp, I had to return and bring her back. Fortunately we weren’t too far along at that point. I’m not sure what’s up with that, she was fine at McClennan with three horses, but today it made her nervous. She finally managed to get out front, and she was much better after that. I guess it’s just being behind the horses that’s bothering here. Anyway, we had a nice 5+ mile ride today, with leaves dropping all around us as we rode though the late peak woods. We were only out about two hours, but Apollo managed to keep up with me and Bobby’s Tennessee Walker Legend, doing some jogging to keep up. I let them out on the grass when we got back (after I filled up the truck water tank), then Steph made us all some dinner, which was a nice change for me. Afterwards I had to get the horses in, and they weren’t very forthcoming so I had to meet them halfway out in the field to persuade them to come in. Then we sat around the campfire for a bit, I did Snowy River for them, then we broke up for the evening and I headed back to the trailer. Had my usual ice cream with Sleepytime tea (no wine today, though), which I’m hoping will help me get a good night sleep. I only managed to put a few things away, but the next place is only just over an hour south of here, so there’s no reason to rush out in the morning. I watched a couple of shows, now I’m ready for shower and bed, so I’ll say good night, darlin’! Love you!

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