Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019 – Short Ride with Brother Jeff and Hubby

Started the day saddling up both horses so that Hubby and I could take a ride, and brother Jeff joined us on Frost. As we went up the road for a tour of the neighborhood, we met up with another rider named Cary on her TW Coco(a?) who joined us as we rode along the canal for a bit. She evidently boards a couple of streets over. She showed us a little detour that avoided the road for a short segment before heading off to her barn, and we carried on until we reached the end of the line, where I wanted to show Hubby these crazy palm trees. Someone meticulously cuts off each frond as it dies off, then lacquers or polyurethane's it to make the whole trunk shiny. It actually makes the tree look fake! We all had a good laugh about it before heading back to the other side of the neighborhood for about a 3 ½ mile ride. Just as we were heading down the last canal on the way home, Flash decided to lay down. He had started doing that earlier, but Hubby had been able to stop him, but this time he went quicker, and Hubby didn't have time to get his foot out of the stirrup so he sort of toppled out of the saddle. No injuries, though his elbow kind of bashed into his ribs, which will probably hurt later. It took us a few minutes to get him back into the saddle without a mounting block, but we managed it, and got the rest of the way home without incident. On the last stretch, though, we saw what we thought was a rare pink ibis, I managed to get a quick photo just before Flash laid down. A nice ride, always good to have Hubby with me on the trail!

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