Sunday, August 30, 2020 – Final Trail Recorded!

Hi babe!
All went according to plan today! I had a good night sleep, and after breakfast I saddled up Apollo and headed for Buckskin Canyon. The guys up the hill decided to take the pink trail that I recommended, they were looking for something challenging, and that one certainly has it’s moments! Other than losing a boot a couple of times (there are some thick bogs after all the rain the other day), but only for a few minutes, thank goodness. We finally made it to where the red trail turned off, and I took what looked like a forest road downhill a bit, but that quickly turned into quite a challenging downhill grade, quite scary at a couple of points, but we made it down just fine. Thank a nice but short stretch along the creek before another almost straight climb out. What I didn’t understand was the third arrow on the intersection. The trail I took one way I thought was going to bring me back to that point, but it never did! So I have no idea where that arrow was pointing, but I’m not worried about it. According to the map, when I overlaid the recorded GPS trail, it was a perfect match to the map, so I’m happy. So I’ve ridden and mapped every single trail in Hocking State Forest now. I wanted to get it done, because I knew I would regret leaving it, since I don’t plan on coming back here for many years (if at all), simply because there are too many other places yet to visit! No regrets! It did make for a long day, though. The ride was just about 3 hours, then I had to start putting everything away for my departure tomorrow, and that took the usual few hours, plus I did three loads of laundry, checked all the essentials on the truck and trailer, etc., so it was a busy day! Didn’t do as much housekeeping as I usually do, but then I did some earlier this week, so it’s not looking too bad. I think Lola will be happy to go someplace new, she’s exhausted from all these long rides we’ve been taking. Like me, she seems to be stiff first thing in the morning, but that could just be from all the exercise. We’re both going to need a day or two off to recover! I like this place a lot, but I’m ready to move on to the next few places, none of which I’ll have time to stay two weeks in, so it will be a busy month of moving. I’ve had dinner and fed a big dinner to Lola (I made her another batch of satin balls, with all this exercise she’s been looking thin again), so she’s content now, too. It’ll be an early night for me, need to get a good start in the morning. That’s all for now! Good night, my love!

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