Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020 – Second Ride at O’Bannon Woods

Hey Babe,
Got quite a bit colder last night than I thought it would, SO glad I decided to put the blankets on the horses last night! Just 47 degrees when I got up this morning, good thing I remembered to bring my heavy robe up to bed, happy I did that, too! First thing I did this morning was start a load of laundry, something I wouldn’t normally do on a Saturday because it’s usually the busiest day for the horse camp, but there’s still almost no one in the primitive camp, and I really needed to do some wash. By the time I fed the horses and did my few chores and got a line up, it was done, so I put it out to dry, even though the sun had barely topped the trees by 9:00. Got Flash saddled up and was just about ready to go when Trish and Janet arrived, so we took off shortly thereafter, heading out on the Idlewild Trail, out Fox Hollow, then out to Coles loop and back, A very nice ride, though sections of it were rocky. I started out with boots on Flash, but took them off since the rocks were mostly big enough not to cause him a problem, and there were quite a few bogs, and I didn’t want to worry about losing boots. We were out for over 3 hours, I did eleven miles, and got back to camp just after 1:30. Grabbed a quick sandwich, then drove into town again to try to solve my manure rake problem. Went to Tractor Supply again, looking for a different handle, even took the old handle and tines in to make sure, and also bought an assortment of jigsaw blades since I wore the other one out. Topped off with diesel and got back to camp around 4:30, and promptly discovered that the new handle didn’t fit either! It looked like it would in the store, but it had a lip on it that prevented it from going in, darn it! So Plan B was to get out my jigsaw again, and with the new metal blade I was able to quickly remove the metal shroud that was on the handle I bought yesterday, and it was still too big! A quick change of blade and I whittled down that handle until it FINALLY fit, drilled a hole through it and bolted it up, and AT LAST I have a working manure rake! At least I was finally able to get it right, and I can take back the latest handle. By now it was almost 5:00, so I headed up to the ladies’ camp for dinner again, and learned that they had decided to leave tonight. Trish’s horse Breezy was getting some bad chafing from her girth and she didn’t want to ride again tomorrow, and Janet agreed, so they headed out right after dinner. I got back to camp, finished putting away all my tools and stuff, then settled down for the evening. Just downloaded a new book, a courtroom drama, that I’m looking forward to getting into, after watching an old Mae West-WC Fields movie that we had on DVR for a long time. Probably going to take the day off tomorrow, could use a break. Anyway, it was a lovely day, perfect weather once it warmed up a bit, but it’s supposed to be even colder tonight, so blankets are back on the horses! Headed off for shower and bed now, so good night, my darlin’! Love you!

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