Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020 – Another Short Ride with Stephanie

Hey Sweetie,
A slightly better night sleep, woke up just once and managed to get back to sleep fairly quickly. Was up at dawn though, about 7:00, to a lot of thick fog. I read a little, then got up and fed the horses, then drove into Carrollton, the nearest town, to get the propane tanks refilled. It was cold last night and I had to run the furnace a bit, and it’s going to get worse over the next few days, so I didn’t want to run short. I also ran into Kroger for some things I haven’t been able to get at Walmart, then got back to camp by 10:00. Stephanie and her daughter are coming today, they were supposed to get here fairly early but got delayed so they didn’t get here until after 3:00. I did some work in the meantime on the trail analysis I’m doing for Camp McClellan until they arrived. I had already saddled up both horses, while her daughter brought her own, and we took a short ride, just about an hour or so was all we could get in before it was too close to dark. I let the horses wander in the field for a bit before their dinner, they were slow coming in when I called but got there eventually. Stephanie’s delay prevented her from staying here overnight, but she’s planning on trying again tomorrow, hopefully she’ll get here early enough. They left just as it was getting dark, so I just got some leftovers together and settled in for the evening. Watched the worst Mel Gibson movie I’ve ever seen, then another episode of a charming British series about a couple of old folks that dated when they were teenagers, then lost track of each other, then got back together sixty years later and discovered they were still in love. Sound familiar? Reminds me of Charles Davis. Anyway, time for a quick shower and a long sleep, having had my sleepytime tea again. Good night, my love!

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