Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019 – Played Chauffeur, Then A Short Ride with Brother Jeff

First, brother Jeff needed a ride to the auto parts store for a part to fix his power steering pulley on his Bronco (which is really hilarious, he has half a dozen vehicles scattered around his property, none of which are running at the moment!), then brother Glenn needed a ride down to pick up a rental car, which dragged on longer than it should because he hadn't fully confirmed availabilities at our first stop (first because, guess what? They didn't have any cars available!), so then we had to go further to pick one up at another place. They didn't have the size he wanted, so they upgraded him to a small SUV, and he was happy because it fit his golf clubs. Once we got back, Jeff and I decided to go for a short ride, to see how my horse Flash and his horse (well, his boarder's horse) Frost did together on the trail. Just a short run around the neighborhood, but everything went fine. Jeesh, I though Apollo had a slow walk, but Frost is even more of a slug than him! So I have to hold Flash back quite a bit, and that made him a little antsy, but it all worked out. Lola came with us because we just went out the back to Hungryland, heading for Pratt Whitney Rd. We got farther than Hubby and I did last week, but still didn't make it to PW, as he's still pretty out-of-shape and started feeling it. It was a good thing, though, because at their sluggish pace, we barely got back before the sun went down! Settled in for a quiet evening.

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