Saturday, Dec. 31, 2016 – Long, Wonderful Ride at Shangli-la!

After a much-needed day of rest, Hubby and I were ready for a nice long ride today! After breakfast, we saddled up and headed out of the camp trailhead, with both dogs along for the ride. We realized that we had actually been on some of these trails before, as we had stayed at Ross Prairie Campground back in 2012, which is on the same Greenway just west of here, and when we rode to the Land Bridge over I-75 back then, we were on the same trails. Not that we remember any of them at this point, but when we reached the underpass between two sections, it did jog our memories. We had a nice leisurely ride, with my Apollo a bit tense for the first half hour, head high, looking for anything "horse-eating" thing to come out of the bushes, but he soon settled down. We saw a couple of deer and lots of birds and other wildlife, and it was a lovely ride. We arrived at the Land Bridge after about 2.5 hours, and rested there for a bit. It's a nice spot with a covered bench and a tub with a spigot of non-potable water for the animals. Then we headed back on Trail #1 for most of the way, before cutting over to get back to the campground. Near the end of the ride, little Billy dog was really having trouble keeping up (actually, we were all feeling it by then, we're all a bit out of shape after so much time not riding!), so I put him up with me on the saddle for a bit, something he'd never done before, and was somewhat tense for a while, but finally he relaxed and settled down. After a while, I moved him over to Hubby for a while, and the rest of the ride home was uneventful, though we were all pretty tired by the time we got back. Hubby was beat, so I got the horses washed, fed and settled down, and then we crashed for the evening. Cracked open a bottle of sparkly for New Years, but were in bed by 10:30 🙂 Good thing we only have a fairly short trip to my brother's house tomorrow!

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