Saturday, August 15, 2020 – Another Fun Ride and Kayak Day

Hi Babe,
Another beautiful day here today! After doing some more planning, and making reservations at the hotel in Peach Springs, AZ for the rafting trip, I saddled up Flash for a ride. The one trail is pretty boring, so I decided to make today all about conditioning, and gaited him for almost the entire ride. We did the whole 8.5 miles in about 95 minutes, and that was stopping a couple of times to put boots back on! Not a bad pace, and he seemed quite capable of it, no complaints! I just wish they didn't have gravel in between the muddy spots here, during the last half mile his boots came off twice, I ended up taking them both off for the rest of the way back to camp. Gave him a nice rinse down before putting him away, did a little bit more work on the computer, then took the kayak down to the boat launch and spent a couple of hours on the lake. I paddle almost all the way to the north end, which was a nice marsh with lots of wildlife, lots of birds. Since the beach was busier, all the geese had moved up here, plus some herons and cormorants, too. I watched them for awhile. Naturally, the wind was against me when I paddled up, then died down to almost glasslike conditions for the last half of the paddle back. It was nice, though, nice to get some sun and pretty quiet, too. Got back to camp, fed the horses, took my shower and settled down for the evening. About time for bed now, so I'll say good night. Love you, babe!

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