Monday, Mar. 16, 2020 – Paperwork and Ride Day

Hi Sweetie,
I spent the morning doing computer work and making phone calls, plus I made a quick trip to Publix to file a complaint about the cake, which ended up in a refund and a promise for another cake whenever I wanted it, even next year. We'll see! Finally, in the afternoon, Jeff, Audrey and I decided to take a ride, since she's leaving on Wednesday and tomorrow they're going fishing, so this will be the only chance she has. We saddled up all three horses and headed out the back gate, with Lola dressed up in her orange vest just in case, and went around that 5 mile loop along the canal, through the WMA and stopping at the pavilion for a little bit. After a very wet winter, we've had lots of dry weather the last few weeks, so most of the water was either gone or quite shallow, so we had only a little bit of wading to do. It was nice, though, and a good little stretching exercise for our guys. Jeff's horse Frost even behaved himself for the most part, and we were careful to keep them all apart to avoid any incidents. It was a slow pace, though, even Flash was walking slower than I've ever seen him, probably because it was almost to the mid-80's today. I'm going to have to think about clipping them if we stay down here much longer, probably should have done it weeks ago, but wasn't sure how soon I'd be heading north, and what the nighttime temps might be. When we got back from the ride, I walked down the driveway to pick up Lola's new GoDogGo machine which UPS had delivered earlier. Yes, they sent me another one! I think I'm becoming their official Beta Tester or something. I got it out and set it up, with Lola jumping up and down the whole time, then of course she went nuts when it started working. She played for quite a while, which will help her sleep tonight, because you know a little 5 mile hike was hardly going to warm her up! Anyway, it was a nice day, a nice ride, and a lovely evening, with the family gathered at the pool, which has become our habit in the late afternoon, before finally settling down for the evening. Off to bed now, so good night, my love!

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