Friday, Sept. 18, 2020 – First Ride at O’Bannon Woods

Pix to follow.

Hi Sweetie,
Had a great night sleep, woke up to the alarm, since we had agreed I would meet them up at their campsite at around 10:00 and didn’t want to be late, so I fed everyone, including me, got ready, and was leaving camp on Flash by about 9:35. I found the trail Ginny told me about and it was almost exactly one mile up to them, so I made it just about on time. Of course, they weren’t ready, but it didn’t take them too long, and we were leaving camp by 10:35. We got on Trail 10 right next to the bathhouse, which interestingly, isn’t on any of the maps, new or old, so we were off-track right off the bat. We got completely turned around when we reached a trail that was closed, but in the long run, we didn’t get lost, and got right back to camp in just about three hours. What a beautiful ride! It took us right along the Ohio River, then the Blue River, which is a tributary, along gorgeous trails, some with tons of flowers, lots of great old trees, some gravel but mostly dirt trails with the occasional mud bog, but not enough to lost boots or get covered with mud. Really enjoyable! Unfortunately the gravel is big chunky gravel, but there wasn’t too terribly much of it, so we managed okay. A very pleasant ride! After I left the ladies at their campsite, I headed back to mine, made a quick sandwich, then headed up to pick them up, as we had agreed we would all go to town, me for propane and a couple of other things, Ginny for a new microwave, as the one in her trailer died, and Trish for a couple of things for her horse. It was too late to ride again by the time we got back, so I left them, primarily because I had broken the handle on my manure rake and had bought a replacement and wanted to get that fixed. Well, the best laid plans… Turns out the handle I bought wasn’t the right size, but it had a casing around it, which I though was rubbed, and I thought if I could get that off it might fit. Turns out it wasn’t rubber, it was metal, and I tried everything to get it off, but didn’t succeed. So now I either need to get new blades for my jigsaw or find another handle that might fit, though I hadn’t seen any yesterday, they were all for other implements. I was mad because this handle specifically said it should fit a manure rake, and I didn’t see anything else that might work, but I guess I can make a shovel handle work or something. Anyway, that’s a problem for tomorrow. I fed the horses and drove back up the their camp for dinner, and didn’t get back until nearly 8:00. Watched a Wagon Train, got caught up on the email I had downloaded while I was up there, made a new map for tomorrow, and now I’m headed to shower and bed! Good night, sweetheart! Love you!

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