Friday, Nov. 13, 2020 – Second Ride at McIntosh

Hi Sweetheart,
Well, despite the sleepytime tea and the melatonin, I still woke up in the middle of the night and had to read awhile before getting back to sleep, darn it. Then I slept through till practically 9:00, so I guess I made up for most of it. I did a couple of loads of laundry, though this time I hung them up to dry since it was an absolutely gorgeous day here. I saddled up Apollo and took off around noon, doing the trails on the east side of the park, of which there were only about 4 miles worth, so we were back by 1:45. I actually got him to do a bit of jogging, which helped our time. The trails are quite lovely here, though at times they’re a bit hard to follow because newer tracks have been created when the older tracks got too worn down. Some of these trails look very old, and not surprisingly, this is a very famous historical spot as there’s a shoals right here, which was originally a crossing point for a number of trails that met here. Lots of Indian and pioneer stories from around here, very interesting. Anyway, it was a nice ride again, though still a bit slippery, but not bad. Apollo seemed to enjoy himself once we got out there and he discovered it wasn’t all rocky and really steep. A bit reluctant at first, understandably, considering the trails I made him go on last week. Once I got him put back on the highline I took my laundry down, then I had some visitors. A guy I met at the last camp had a friend, Stephanie, who lives near here that wanted to meet me and chat, so she and two guys from her barn came out a spent a couple of hours picking my brain about traveling and other things. After they left I drove up to the entrance gate to pay for my extra days (which I forgot to do yesterday), and Stephanie was up there asking about camping, so it looks like she might be coming back tomorrow and staying over tomorrow night. The guy that introduced us is probably coming on Sunday as well, so I guess I’ll be surrounded by folks the rest of the weekend. Seems I’m making an impression on folks in my “community,” which is rather nice. I’ve met a lot of people lately who are quite envious of my trailer and my whole lifestyle, and I can’t say I blame them, I’m so fortunate to be able to do what I’m doing, grateful every day! After they left, I let the horses out in the field, and my neighbors saw me and did the same, so the horses frisked around with each other for awhile. They did end up wandering quite a ways away, this time in the other direction (away from the many campers who came in during the day, fortunately), and we both had to holler for them before they came back at dinner time, but the eventually made their way back. I put their blankets on tonight, since it’s supposed to get down in the low 40’s tonight, I’m still hopeful I can prevent them from growing too heavy a winter coat, though their necks are starting to get some thick fur. Something else, I discovered Lola is missing some teeth, almost all the little ones between her big canines on the top. At first I thought maybe it was from using a hard frisbee (which I only did for about 5 minutes, so not likely), but then I thought that it must have happened when that horse kicked her up a Circle E last month. I don’t remember her bleeding, or even having difficulty eating, but she must have had some problems and I didn’t notice. Anyway, she’s eating fine now, but she’s lost her perfect smile, which is sad. But she did get too close the back of a bunch of horses, and she’s learned the lesson the hard way, and now she’s stays away from other horses, and mostly stays in front as well, so I guess she’ll be all right. I took my shower early so my hair would dry, and now I’m off to bed early, too, since I don’t know what time things are starting to happen tomorrow. And tomorrow is the big day for the folks at McClellan, I hope everything goes all right for them! They were forecasting rain for tomorrow almost all week, but finally the forecast is for sunny and in the 70’s, so it will be perfect for their ride. Hope it goes okay! Anyway, off to bed. Good night, babe! Love you!

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