Friday, June 26, 2020 – Another Great Ride, Quick Trip to Town, Trouble with UPS

Hey Sweetie,
Other than Lola waking me up at 3:00 in the morning to go out, I got a pretty good night sleep. After breakfast I took a run out to the nearest town, Nashville, IN, and went to the post office, dropping off the title and Bill of Sale for the MG to the new owner who picked it up yesterday. Also checked my email and messages, and discovered my new screen room is supposed to be delivered today! I guess I should have figured it was coming from, where else? Elkhart, IN, RV capital of the world! I checked at the gate and was told that if UPS delivers, they leave it at the gate, so I stopped worrying about being at the trailer to receive it. So when I got back, I saddled up Flash and we had a wonderful ride, almost 10 miles of gorgeous trails, just a few sections with light gravel, but the rest was dirt. I took a lot of the narrow trails again today, they are so much better than the wide ones, from my point of view. Lots of grades, but they've done a nice job of switch-backing the trails and curving them along the middle of the hill so they isn't a lot with super steep climbs. Flash seemed to enjoy himself, too, I'm guessing he's getting more fit for this type of terrain, after being spoiled on the flatness of Florida. Got back around 4:00, checked that my package hadn't been received at the gate, so I drove up the hill to check, and sure enough, there was a delivery problem. Half the address I have the shipper (the important half) was never put on the label, so I spent half an hour on the phone with them, and finally they said they'd have the local branch call me to straighten it out. Then I get a message from the Tullahoma, TN office that THEY got the request!! How stupid is that! So I had to get back on the phone, thankfully for some reason the cell phone signal at the campground is good enough for texts and calls, for the moment anyway. Eventually the local office called me, and they knew exactly how to correct the address, but it will be Monday before it's delivered, which is fine, I wasn't expecting it this early anyway. Later, some ladies, two of whom I had met earlier in the day as they rode by, plus a friend of theirs, came by to chat for a while. Nice women, they don't live too far from here, and one has a boarding stable and invited me to visit anytime, which was great. I recited The Man From Snowy River to them, and they were a very appreciative audience, best yet. We socialized for quite a while, then after they left I fed the horses and Lola, barbecued a steak for myself, and settled down for the evening. Time now my shower and bed! Good night, my love!

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