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Friday, Jan 15, 2021 – A Little Bit Sad Today

Hi Babe,
After finishing my clipping on Apollo (have hay, will stand!), which came out halfway decent considering neither one of us has ever done a clip before, so at least he’s more comfortable. Got a cool night coming up, though, so I’ll have to blanket him on those nights. Spent the morning calling other RV repair places, seems like mid-March is actually the soonest I can get in! The rest were all early April. Man, if someone wanted to start a booming business, RV repair in Florida would definitely be it! One place I called ONLY works on Class A motorhomes, another, only on the kind of trailers they sell, i.e., no horse trailers. Crazy policies! I mean, a slide is a slide, right? So I guess I’m stuck till mid-March, darn it! I really only wanted to spend a month here, but the slide has gotten really bad, and I’m afraid once I move it again, it’s going to get stuck for good, and that would REALLY be a problem. So I guess I better get back into my riding routine, for my horses’ sakes. Meanwhile, I heard from the doctor’s, it seems they don’t allow any jewelry into the MRI room, even though it’s for my knee, and though I tried as hard as I could to get my wedding ring off, it just wasn’t possible. I guess I’ve broken that knuckle a time or two in the last 30 years, it really got big. The ring fits fine where it was sitting, but getting past the knuckle was impossible, so I had to run into town to a jewelry store and have it cut off. It really had to be opened wide to get it off, so it came out quite a mess. Got a bit emotional about it, seems like the last vestige of that long chapter, other than this ongoing, one-sided conversation we’re having. Made me sad, but then I heard your voice in my head, “water under the bridge” and let it go. Got back and decided to try to get the satellite dish going, I used up most of the movies on the PVR and really need to stock up on some more in case I end up someplace with no cell phone signal for my Netflix. Got pretty close to getting a signal, too, had it locked onto 129 at one point, just not in the right position. Then I had trouble with the coax, so I decided to give it a rest and ordered a couple of good coax cables to put directly on the satellite where it was needed. Amazon Prime will be delivering them tomorrow, would you believe! Then I’m afraid I’m going to need some help doing the final dish pointing to get it right. I think I have a pretty clear shot, but there are a couple of trees that might be in the way, we’ll have to wait and see. Finally, as usual, feeding the animals ran into mosquito hour and I got bitten like crazy again. Jeff was in a surly mood, which didn’t help, but I’m done with trying to work out a feeding schedule with him, he always leaves it too late. I’m just going to feed my horses when I want, and let him deal with the rest of it on his own. I’ll just have to make a second trip to give them hay once he gets around to putting them in the paddock, whenever that is, though I may have to delay it past mosquito time, sick of getting eaten up. So it was a pretty crummy day except for finishing the clip on Apollo. I hope tomorrow is better. Good night, darlin’! Love you!

Thursday, Jan 14, 2021 – RV Diagnosis and Horse Clipping

Hi Hon,
Had a good night sleep, and a quiet morning, waiting for the mobile RV guys to come out and look at the slide-out. It’s been gradually getting worse, and I’m worried it’s going to get irretrievably stuck one of these days, so I figured I better get it looked at while I was here. After less than an hour, they decided it’s most likely the bearings on the slide, but that can’t do anything to fix it because the whole slide apparently needs to come out so I need to take it to a shop. That little diagnosis cost me $240. They recommended a place in Stuart, but when I called them, their first availability is March 15! I really don’t want to stay here that long, Jeff and I are already driving each other nuts, and I never intended to stay more than a month, certainly not four months, grrr! Meanwhile, Jeff decided to fix the tractor tire with the tire and tube I bought, and in the process, popped the tube. Of course, he immediately made it my fault, did the tire really need a tube, did I get the right size tube, yada, yada, yada. I called the company to get another tube, and they were generous enough to say they’d send me another one gratis, on the off chance it was defective (VERY off chance), but now we have to wait until that shows up. Meanwhile, I gave the horses a bath and left them out to dry, tied to the small trailer until Apollo was dry enough to start clipping. A little trial and error, but I managed to get most of what I wanted to do done before the battery ran out. It’s hardly perfect, but being the first time I ever tried to clip a horse, I think it came out pretty well. And Apollo was wonderful, stood still, hardly noticed what I was doing. I’ll have a bit more to finish off tomorrow once the clippers are recharged. I think I need to take Flash for a ride, though, he’s getting antsy, running around the yard like a mad horse for no reason, or whenever he loses track of Apollo. It’s odd, I just don’t really feel like riding out here, I guess I’m just bored with the trails, I’ve been on them so much in the past. I’ll see how I feel in the morning, I don’t want to re-damage my knee, which has been getting a little better. I still have more jobs lined up that I need to do, but I guess there’s no hurry, especially if I’m stuck here another two months. I’ll be on the phone looking for another repair shop, though, to see if I can get into one sooner, you can bet on that! Once again, didn’t get the horses fed until nearly dark, despite my efforts to get it done sooner, delayed by you know who. Anyway, finally settled down for the evening, Found out that for this MRI I’m supposed to be getting next week I can’t wear any jewelry, but I can’t seem to get my wedding ring off. My knuckle has expanded or something, and it’s giving me a dickens of a time. I’ve read about several methods I’m going to try tomorrow, before I resort to going to a jewelry store and having it cut off, which would be terrible to have to do. Well, no sense worrying about that tonight. Good night, sweetie. Love you!

Wednesday, Jan 13, 2021 – Another Ordinary Day

Hi Sweetie,
It’s official, life without you is getting boring! A pretty ordinary day. Woke up early and did a lot of stretching, may have actually moved something again. It occurred to me that maybe the reason my knee suddenly got so bad was because I had done some serious stretching last month, and I’m sure I shifted some things, but as you know, when one thing shifts, so do other things, and I bet imbalanced in a different way. Still haven’t quite got everything back to it’s original position (from ten years ago!), but it does seem to be incrementally better. Who knows, if I keep this up, maybe one day I’ll actually get it straightened out. Meanwhile, I had someone come look at the trailer today, but he had just got himself a new Yukon, so there’s no way he can tow it with that puny thing. That seems to be the biggest deterrent for the many inquiries I’ve had, everybody wants a big trailer, but nobody has the truck to pull it. Didn’t feel like doing much today, then rain came in around dinner time, just managed to get the animals fed before it got bad, and had a relaxing movie night. I’ve got the mobile RV guys coming tomorrow to try to fix the slide, I’m tired of messing with it, and I really would like it working before I leave here. I keep getting a few little things done most days, so hopefully I’ll get everything shipshape before I leave. Still haven’t exactly decided where I’m going, just going to follow the weather! Well, no more news than that, so I’m heading in for my shower and bed. Good night, babe! Love you!

Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021 – Nothing Special

Hi Babe,
Slept comfortably late this morning, with plans to go pick up hay this morning, and even though the forecast had no rain in it when I went to bed, it was raining when I woke up. Radar showed it was going to be here for hours. How do these ridiculous weather forecasters miss this stuff? Since I couldn’t get hay in the rain, I decided on an indoor job, which was to put new sealant around the kitchen and bathroom sinks. They’ve been peeling up and getting dirty, so I scraped it all up and resealed them. Not the prettiest job ever, but functional, which is most important. Had a doctor’s appointment at 2:00, so I headed out in time for that, but they had to take a couple more x-rays so that delayed my appointment. I finally met the doctor more than an hour later, and he did more talking than listening, so I’m not sure how well he understands my problem with my knee. He couldn’t really explain exactly what he thought it was, or rather, he assumed it was something typical, which I’m not so sure it is, but there you go. Before doing anything else, though, he wants an MRI, and they couldn’t schedule that until late next week, and he won’t recommend anything else to do before then, even though he doesn’t really think that’s the problem. He’s talking about 6-8 weeks of treatment, including possible crutches and/or walker for part of that, yet that’s without surgery, so I’m confused about it. Again, more talking, but not much enlightenment. We’ll see what happens after the MRI. Anyway, it was after 4:00 before I got out of there, barely had enough time to rush through my shopping and get to the feed store to pick up hay before they closed. Fortunately, it had stopped raining by them, but it was still cloudy, but dry enough for hay. Put it in my nice clean trailer when I got back, put my perishables away, then started to get ready to feed the critters. Jeff was late coming home, but James had arrived just before me, so he did his critters while I did mine. Wasn’t long before it was time to settle in for the evening. Time now for shower and bed, so good night, darlin’! Love you!

Monday, Jan 11, 2021 – Busy, Tiring Day

Hey Darlin’,
Got up nice and early today, in the mood to do some heavy work, so I decided I would pressure wash the back of the trailer, something I haven’t done since we bought it. I’m just about out of hay and the feed cans are low, so I knew I’d be able to move everything okay. After breakfast I started clearing everything out, then got busy cleaning. The worst part was the stall pads, they had so much grime on them I had to pressure wash, then soap, then scrub, then pressure wash again. I even put Armour-all on them just to leave them nice. I started at 9:00 and didn’t finish putting everything away until after 5:00, a LONG day. There are still a few odd things I need to sort out, and I still need to clear out the tack room and the storage areas to clean and reorganize, but the part I did looks a whole lot better. The rest is for another day! Shouldn’t have much trouble sleeping tonight. Took my shower early to get off the bug spray I had to put on because it was mosquito hour by the time we fed the critters, Jeff and friends finished pouring the concrete lid for his septic tank so he was running a little late. At least we got it done before full dark. Settled down to a nice balance meal, watched a move and a Heartland episode, but now I’m ready for bed! Good night,sweetie! Love you!

Sunday, Jan 10, 2021 – Missed Out on Ribs

Hey Sweetie,
A good night sleep, though it did get pretty chilly outside, but I kept the fireplace going all night so it was nice and toasty in here. Treated myself to some blueberry pancakes, and was hoping to have some of the famous ribs from Uncle Mick’s, really got my appetite going for that, because every Sunday since I’ve been here Jeff and James had had them and I’ve always turned them down. But I decided I needed to make some changes in my diet (my cholesterol is a little high) starting tomorrow, so today was my last chance to get some, but in the end, it didn’t work out. I thought Jeff was going to pick some up when he went down to Home Depot for some supplies he needed to finish off the septic tank, but when he got back he hadn’t got any, and didn’t bother to let me know he didn’t, so by the time he got back it was too late for me to run in and get some, so I missed out on that, darn it. I spent most of the day reading, finished off a fun fantasy series I’ve been reading, though I decided not to go riding, just because I’ve been physically feeling better lately so I decided to rest one more day. Kirsten and her friend asked if they could take Apollo down to Riverbend for a ride, and I agreed (he needs the exercise), but they got here kind of late so it was getting dark when they got back. I was just about finished feeding the other critters, got the goats put away (Jeff was still busy in the back), and Flash was just finishing, so it all worked out. Settled down for the evening with pirogues with Alfredo sauce instead of ribs, which is fine, they’re a pretty quick meal anyway. Settled down for the evening, now I’m ready for shower and bed, so good night, babe! Love you!

Saturday, Jan 9, 2021 – New Struts on the RV

Hey Babe,
Wasn’t sure what I was going to do today when James delivered the two new gas struts for the awning. I spent the afternoon, with some help from Jeff and his buddy the other Jeff getting them on. It took awhile because the push nuts I bought at Home Depot were much more solid than the push nuts that came off, so it was challenging. After it was all done, though, they didn’t really behave any differently than the old ones, so I’m not sure this job was even necessary. So maybe a waste of time and money, but at least I’ve got new ones. I’m leaving the awning not quite out so far, because when I bring it all the way down the door scrapes on the awning, and I’d rather not start that problem again. Not sure how I’m going to do it when I want to put up the screen room, since that brings down the awning quite a bit more. I’ve got to analyze the problem some more and see if there’s a solution. Anyway, I put the blankets on the horses since they’re calling for lows in the low 40’s, and it’s usually a bit cooler out west here, so maybe even high 30s before it’s done. Guess we have to have a bit of cold weather to make us appreciate the warm stuff! I was listening to a northern Alabama radio station yesterday and they were talking about snow at the elevations, so you know it’ll be white back at the old house! Makes me extra glad I’m down here! I’ve got more deliveries coming in, and I’m trying to keep up with all the stuff that needs doing, but I might just take a ride tomorrow on Flash, for a change. Both horses are so covered with burrs they look ridiculous! I combed out Flash’s mane just because it was such a mess, but I can’t get Apollo to stand still long enough. I had to sneak up on him when he was eating dinner just to get his blanket on. Going to bed early tonight, at least I intend to try. I hear thumping music somewhere, I’m thinking one of the neighbors is having a party, so that may be distracting, but I guess I could always put my earplugs in, though I haven’t needed them for awhile. Off I go! Love you, darlin’! Good night!

Friday, Jan 8, 2021 – Runaround Day

Hi Sweetie,
A good night sleep, a quick morning of chores, then I was off to doctors appointments and errands. First to Walmart in Jupiter to retrieve an item that I apparently left behind last week, (at least I haven’t been able to find it), which was easier than I thought it would be, then Walmart in Lake Park to pick up the right hose connector for my new sprayer, then down to a little out of the way appliance parts store for a part for Jeff’s dryer he had asked me to pick up since I was going to West Palm anyway, then finally to the doctors offices downtown. I had three appointments lined up, but the last one cancelled because a family emergency so that’s been rescheduled for Tuesday. Of course, that was the one I needed the most, for my knee, so I was bummed out about that one. Arrived home to find two packages, green coffee beans in the mail and a new laptop battery by the gate. My old battery is only lasting a little over an hour, so I figured I was due a new one. I’m taking advantage of having an address where things can get delivered, so I’m getting everything I can think of to get me through another year. Jeff and James were working late again, so I took care of the critters, then settled down for the night. Just a regular mundane day! Heading for shower and bed soon, trying to get back to getting into bed earlier, it’s been getting increasingly later lately, and I’d really like to get in the habit of earlier nights. So off I go! Love you, baby! Good night!

Thursday, Jan 7, 2021 – Low-Key Day of Remembrance

Hey there, my love,
Hard to believe a year has gone by since you left me to go exploring “the undiscovere’d country, from whose bourn no traveller returns…” Tried to keep busy, did some bookkeeping, made a few phone calls, laundry, ordered some stuff. I was going to wash Apollo with a new sprayer I ordered, then hopefully get him dry enough to clip him, but the sprayer didn’t come with a quick connect for the hose, even though it required it to be used, so I’ll have to get that tomorrow. I was going to bathe him anyway, but he wouldn’t let himself be caught, not even with mints, so I decided to forget it for today. I tried to sit by the pool for a bit, but the water was too cold and the flies came out, so I just came back to the trailer. I fed all the animals today, Jeff knew he’d be late on a job today, so it was prearranged. Finally settled down for the evening with a movie and the latest series I’ve been watching on Netflix, Heartland, filmed in western Canada about a horse rescue ranch. A busy day tomorrow so I’m heading to bed early. Trying hard not to be melancholy today, sweetie, so I’ve been mostly thinking about some of our happiest times together, and doing more smiling than is probably culturally expected, but that’s just the way things always were with us, forget the past, look to the future for more joy and enjoyment of life. But I still miss you, love you, and wish you were still here physically as well as spiritually. We had a great life together, no regrets, never boring, just like you promised. Promises made, promises kept. Good night, my love.

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 – Pretty Productive Day

Hey Babe,
Ended up getting to sleep late last night, but still up at a reasonable time this morning. Got quite a bit accomplished today, though not all of it was on my main list. Halfway through breakfast, the light inside the refrigerator went out, so I had to spend a little time fixing that, just needed to sand down the bulb holder, then it worked fine. You remember that the starter on one of the burners on the stove has never worked, well another one quit in the last few days, so yesterday I did some research and learned that the most likely reason for that happening is that the wiring to the starter gets frayed and grounded out, which prevents it from sparking. So I took the top apart and discovered, lo and behold, that there was nothing wrong with the wires themselves, except that they had come off at one end! I plugged them back in (the oldest one needed a bit of tape to hold it in because the pin wasn’t holding it in well enough, simple enough), and viola! All three burners are now working great! Of course, once I got the top off I went ahead and did a really good deep clean on it, long overdue, but now it’s practically spotless and looks great. I ran a couple of book orders down to the mailbox (the Buick “Panther” is running great except for that one little whine when I decelerate, but Jeff has a friend who’s a mechanic coming over to look at his Bronco and suggested I have him look at mine, too, while he’s here), repotted my Citronella plant into a nicer hanging pot that I left here last year, did some more research online for some other things I need to get while I have a shipping address, like a new battery for the computer, which I ordered, and some replacements struts for the awning, although no one seems to have those in stock. James helped with the feeding today because Jeff was busy making ductwork for a big job he has, then I settled down for the evening. So a good busy day, the way I like it. But it’s over now, shower and bed coming up! Good night, darlin’! Love you!