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Tuesday, May 5, 2015 – Shopping and Lab in Lufkin

Per our doctor’s instructions, we arranged to have a blood test done in nearby Lufkin, TX, so that they could follow Hubby’s progress from afar. We took the horses and dogs with us, just to be on the safe side, as we aren’t that familiar with the neighborhood out there at Davy Crockett, and didn’t want to take any chances. We made stops at Tractor Supply, Walmart and Petsmart in order to weigh Lola, but unfortunately, this particular store didn’t have a scale, so no luck on that. Got what we needed for the week, then headed back to camp, pausing once to sit out a torrential rainstorm. No sense taking any chances with the whole family on board! The storm passed in only about 10 minutes, and we carried on with skies brightening the further west we went. Got back to camp with plenty of time to take another walk and swim at the pond (for Lola, not me!), and some ball chucking as well, before settling down to a nice salmon dinner and a quiet evening of recorded TV.

Monday, May 4, 2015 – On The Road Again, Yeah!!

SAM_3750 SAM_3751 SAM_3754

Up with the alarm this morning, made coffee and a couple of egg salad sandwiches for the road, with only one little hitch in our timing. The fold up stairs on the RV were so rusted, they wouldn't fold up, so we had to spend over 10 minutes spraying and working the hinges until we could finally get it in it's upright and locked position. So at just after 9:00, we headed out. Hubby felt a little lightheaded from his medications pretty much all day, but he assured me he was well enough to keep driving, so we carried on. With only one stop in College Station for fuel, and fortunately no rain, we arrived at the campground just before 4:00. We were surprised to see how let go this place has become. The grass was long and evidently un-mowed for the entire season, there used to be a pavilion, but now it's gone and only the concrete base remains, and the pay envelopes were so crammed in the holder I couldn't even pull one out, and previous attempts had rendered them useless anyway, as they were half stuck out, thus ruined by rain and useless. We found the same spot we had used last time, and put the horses on a highline, though I think I may put them on their anchors for a while later, as the grass is pretty lush, and they would certainly enjoy doing the mowing! It took us surprising little time to get set up, just 50 minutes, considering how out of practice we are, and how poorly Hubby was feeling. Of course, that didn't include the satellite dish, which is completely impossible here with the trees. As the sun moved behind the trees and the hot, muggy air started to cool, we sat outside for a while, throwing Lola her tennis ball, as well as taking her down to a nearby pond for a swim, which she took to with no hesitation whatsoever. Eventually, after feeding the horses, we had a quick dinner of cold turkey, salad and fruit before settling down for the evening, luxuriating the peacefulness of being back in the woods! Love it, love it, love it!