Wednesday, November 24, 2010 – Laundry Day

Our original plan had been to head down to Roswell today, where we were going to meet my brother for Thanksgiving, but he had a change of plans and couldn’t make it, which is just as well considering our debilitated state. Despite our deep fatigue, I figured I should do laundry today, so I arranged with Diane to leave the laundry room open for me, as well as to stay through Friday. She doesn’t have a dryer, so I had to both hang clothes on her line and put some in my RV dryer, which was a balancing act to not over burden the 15-amp breaker. Tried to spend as much of the day recovering as possible, but we are both well and truly beat from our busy schedule. Wrote Diane a check for her board, gave it to her when she got home, and she seemed pleased. (I threw in a little extra, she’s been such a good hostess!) Looking forward to a day off tomorrow doing nothing!

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