Wednesday, May 27, 2020 – Rainy Housekeeping and Computer Day

Hey Sweetie,
Lots of rain overnight, woke up to rain this morning, didn’t get out to feed the horses until after 9:00 it was so bad! A great day to do housekeeping though, so that’s what I spend the rest of the morning doing, then the afternoon I started working on developing a new website for the main business. What a nightmare! A whole new learning curve for this new program, and I’m having a LOT of problems trying to figure it out. I watched a number of tutorial videos, and they make it look so easy, then when I try to do it, it never works right. Grrrrr! Well, I’ll keep trying, I have to get something up there since I can’t make any changes to the old one anymore, that program is completely unsupported and I can’t get anyone to give me my original access code either. Other than that, a quiet day, though it was almost 8:00 by the time I settled down to dinner, you know how time flies when I’m on the computer. Won’t be long before I head off to bed, though, it’s been a long day. Love you, darlin’! Good night!

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