Wednesday, Mar. 25, 2020 – Meeting, Shopping and More Cleaning

Hi Babe,
Busy day today. First a run to Walmart, where I was happy to see that most of the shelves were fully stocked, though there weren’t many patrons in the store. Of course, Wednesdays are generally slow anyway, but this was truly light. Traffic on the roads were like the middle of July about thirty years ago! From there I went to my meeting with a potential financial advisor, then stopped at the gas station to fill up with fuel at just $2.49 a gallon for diesel! There was already a glut on the world market, and now with so many less cars on the road, the prices are really plummeting, perfect timing for me getting back on the road. Got back to the house and started doing more cleaning and putting stuff away. I’ve been pressure washing everything in sight these days! I cleaned all the furniture in the screen room, washed the screen room itself, washed the side of the trailer inside the screen room, washed the awning, and on and on. I’m a bit ahead of schedule, and I’m feeling more prepared to go on a trip than I think I’ve ever been, which I guess is appropriate since I’m starting this new chapter of my life. I’m hoping I can finish early enough tomorrow to actually spend a few hours just sitting by the pool and relaxing before I hit the road on Friday. I managed to play with Lola for awhile, she was playing with her fetch machine, though, and one of those smaller balls got jammed so far back in her throat I had to push it out from behind her jaw. Not using those size balls again! I helped Jeff order a new fuel pump assembly for the Bronco. Poor guy, none of his vehicles are reliable, I’m not sure how he’s going to make it until he gets the new part next week. It was pretty late by the time we got done with that, so I only got in two SHIELDS tonight. Ready for a shower and bed, so goodnight, my love!

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