Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021 – First Day of Shoulder PT

Hi Babe,
A good night sleep started the day off right, getting my chores done in short order. I made some phone calls, one of which was to the clinic where I’ll be getting my physical therapy, to see if I can start up my shoulder sessions while I wait for my knee surgery, the other to the auto repair place to set up an appointment for them to inspect the suspension on the truck just to see if I need new shocks (which I’m sure I do since we’ve never changed them), or maybe a new leaf under the bed, just to make sure I don’t have any problems on the road, considering how over-weighted I am (the trailer, that is!). I set both appointments for tomorrow, then I got a call back from the clinic to ask if I wanted to come in today, and since I figured the sooner the better, I said yes! When I got there in the afternoon, I was thrilled to get the sense that this girl really knew her stuff, she listened carefully, took copious notes, then physically seemed to pinpoint exactly where my problem is, so I’m hoping that by the end of this, my shoulder will FINALLY, after ten years, get back into place! She’s also the one I’ll be working with on my recovery from knee surgery, so I’m really glad for that, too. Afterwards, I stopped at Home Depot to pick up a few supplies for some upcoming repairs I want to make. There’s a rusty hole forming in the roof of the small trailer, and a few other rust spots starting to bleed through the paint, so I sprayed it this morning with some rust neutralizer, then bought some spray paint and sandpaper so I can finish off those sections. I’m going to find a piece of scrap metal and JB weld it over the hole to keep it from leaking any more. Fortunately it’s in the tack room section and not the back area where all the hay is being stored, but it will only get worse if I don’t fix it now. I also bought a new screen for the door to the trailer, Lola’s been running roughshod over it for the past few weeks and there are a lot of holes in the old one, so that’s another chore I’ll try to do this weekend or at least before my knee surgery. I’ve made three more appointments for physical therapy before then, I’m really optimistic that this is going to work, at last! I hope I won’t be disappointed again! Anyway, finally settled down for the evening, off to bed soon! Cheers, my love! Good night!

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