Wednesday, April 28, 2021 – Another Truck Repair Done and Labs

Hi Darlin’!
Woke up to the sound of vehicles again, I think tonight I’ll put my earplugs in so I can sleep a little later! Since I couldn’t have breakfast because I was having a cholesterol lab done late in the morning, after chores I went to work on the window of my truck. I found a really good video that made it seem really simple, and believe it or not, it actually turned out that way! I started around 8:30 and 75 minutes later I was putting my tools away! Now my rear window goes up and down perfectly, thank you very much! I decided to head out early to my labs just in case they could take me early, but I ended up waiting even beyond my original appointment time, though not by too much. Of course, the labs only took a couple of minutes, but by then I was starving, so I looked up diners on my phone and found one on the way back called the Pelican Diner, which actually ended up being in the clubhouse of a golf club! Service was kind of slow and the corn beef hash I had was actually mostly corned beef with very little hash (which can be a good thing), topped off with a couple of poached eggs, which made for a nice change. But it was a heavy meal, and when I got back to camp and stretched out in my lounger, I actually dozed off for nearly two hours! I guess I’m starting to get back to my relaxed self, finally letting go of the stress of being in close quarters with others and having to live by someone else’s needs and schedule, now I can do what I want when I want it, and it’s quite a relief. I put a little more power steering fluid in this morning, but I’m not seeing any leaks, so maybe the air in the system is slowly working itself out, it seemed like it was all working a little bit better today. I spent the day reading a book that I had gotten from a friend of a friend, about a family in East TN during the Civil War, and really enjoyed it. I actually read the whole thing today, finishing it off just before it was time to feed the horses. I let them wander in the field again (though Flash kept heading for the road, so eventually I did put an anchor on him to slow him down), and the nurse came again by with both her kids today and played with Lola for awhile, wearing her out, thankfully. Watched an hour of TV, but now it’s time for shower and bed, so good night, babe! Love you!

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