Wednesday, April 21, 2010 – New Plans

Well, naturally, no sooner did we load up on hay than we got a request from a client for help. This entails hop-scotching to Colorado over the next two weeks. Had we found out two days ago, I would have just headed home, filled up with our own hay, and headed out next week. But then again, every time we go home we find jobs to do, so it’s probably just as well! Spent the bulk of the day online trying to figure out what horse camps we can stop at every 300 miles or so between here and there. I had all this information at one time, but lost it all when my computer crashed last October, and again last month (I thought my Carbonite backup would keep it, but apparently Google Earth can’t make heads or tails out of the My Places information…sigh), so I’m back to square one. Good thing I have a pretty good memory, by the end of the day we had pretty much figured out a route that will serve the purpose, and give us time to drive a day, then rest or ride a day. Not quite the hell-bent speed we had to go last time, so it should be more pleasant on this trip. Once we get out there, we can stay for several weeks, which will give us a good chance to get caught up on everything again, from rest to mail. Once again, we didn’t ride today, although that cold north wind just keeps persisting!

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