Wed. March 27, 2019 – Dialysis Trouble

Had a midday dialysis chair, so we rested for the earlier part of the day before heading over there. Unfortunately, for some strange reason, this clinic doesn’t use buttonholes, which is the permanent track we’ve used for Hubby’s dialysis for some time. The idea is to create a tunnel that a blunt needle can penetrate easily, and keep using the same hole over and over again for simplicity’s sake. Evidently, this clinic determined they are prone to infection (though I’ve heard from other clinics the opposite is true), and decided to use sharp needles on another part of his fistula. That created all kinds of problems. It took them 45 minutes to get a good stick, which made the whole exercise drag on for ages, and it was so close to the buttonhole that it worried me. They’re supposed to stay at least a half inch away from it, but this one was much closer in the end. They had four different people try it, and by then, the cartridge and the machine had clogged up and they had to start all over again. Very frustrating. I had offered to bring my dull needles with me and do it for them, but was told they wouldn’t let me, though when I was there and they were having so much trouble, I was told I probably should have. Grrr! Eventually it got done, but it made for a late evening again!

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