Tuesday, May 16, 2023 – Shopping and Miscellaneous Day

Hey Darlin’!
Very quiet here but still didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked! After chores and breakfast, I hooked the horses onto the hitching rail (much as I hated to do that!) and was just about to head out to town (Wabash) to do some shopping when the ranger (Amanda) came by. Not surprising, I was told, in a nice way, that my portable fence was too expansive and I would have to reduce it. Not unexpected, but disappointing. She was very nice about it though. Also asked about the big divots my trailer made in the soft ground, told here I would be fixing it. After she left, I headed out to town, first to find a notary (a nice guy named Terry at the local Merchants Bank), then Tractor Supply for horse feed and propane, then Walmart for basics, though I’m sorry to say they sold liquor inside the store and I splurged on a bottle bourbon, then back to the park with a stop at the office to buy an Indiana Horse Pass, a necessity here, though only $20 for an annual pass. Got back to camp, put all the groceries away, moved the fence around (though I let the horses loose with Apollo on an anchor, so they got to graze all afternoon), chatted with a local rider who stopped by for awhile, then finally settled in for the evening, with plans to ride tomorrow. It started out raining this morning but cleared up this afternoon, supposed to be cooler tomorrow, but lots of sun! Another beautiful day of living! Love you and miss you, my darlin’! Good night!

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