Tuesday, March 14, 2023 – Got a Few Things Done

Hi Sweetheart,
A decent night sleep, but I’m still not on DST, not getting out of bed until after 9:00. Yuck! Worked a little on the computer in the morning, had a hard time getting going, but finally went out and started out by trimming the horses feet, all eight of them. Flash has a little split I’ve been trying to glue so it won’t get any worse, and between yesterday and today the glue I put on fell off, so I put another coat on. I also trimmed it a bit to try to prevent the pressure from making it worse, and that got me started. It was a little cooler today, so I had the energy to do all four feet on him, then the same on Apollo. Then I followed up with a scraper to get some of the winter coat off Apollo, he’s covered with clumping hair and has really been looking shaggy, so I went to work on him. He looks better, but has a long way to go. Then, since I had the 3M 5200 glue out, I decided to reseal the toilet. I had put some other silicon adhesive on, but for some reason it never hardened, and was collecting dirt and staying soft, so I wiped it completely down and started over with the good stuff. I hope that solves the problem with the leaking and the occasional smell. Hope I don’t regret it, if I ever have to replace the toilet. That was about it for the day. I did speak to Jeff’s builder friend Jeff C. about reworking the microwave, as well as to a repairman, but still haven’t figure out exactly what to do. Jeff C. said he’d come by on the weekend and take a look, hopefully we can work something out. I’ve definitely secured the job in Texas in April, very happy about that, finalized my flight, looking forward to it! Settled down to some Remington Steeles and a movie, ready for shower and bed. Good night, babe! Love you!

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