Tuesday, Mar. 31, 2020 – Catch Up Day

Hi Sweetie,
Well, Lola was a bit restless last night after all. She’s been in one place for so long she forgot about having new back yards every few weeks, plus I kept the door closed since she needs to start getting used to not being able to go out any time she wants. Still, I got a decent night sleep, though the horses woke me up when they started eating hay out of the back of the truck, with the sound of their chewing right outside my window and them bumping the truck occasionally, though they eventually wandered off. Pistol had to get to work very early. She drives a dump truck, but is working a job right next door where they’re building a lake. After I got up I started to pull the hub off the one wheel that seemed a bit hot on the road yesterday, finally managing to get it off, but I had trouble getting the mashed up cotter pin out. Fortunately, it turns out Pistol’s boyfriend is a certified mechanic, and he was nice enough to give me a hand. He even picked me up some new cotter pins and some more hay while he was out running errands, since the horses are munching more than I had planned on, and I need enough to get to Tennessee. I also did a few more quick repairs around the trailer in the morning, and by afternoon, the efforts of the past months finally caught up with me. I stopped and read for awhile, then climbed into bed and took a nap, which helped a lot. Then we had a very nice supper that Pistol made, and I sent her copies of my Google Earth files, which took a while to do. We were all so tired at that point we called it a night. I fed the horses and watched a couple of SHIELDS, but now I’m ready for my shower and bed! Good night, my love!

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