Tuesday, June 28, 2022 – Laziest Day Ever

Hey Babe,
Got up at what’s become my usual 7:30, did chores and breakfast, then essentially waited around for my Fedex package to be delivered to the post office. I was hoping it would come early enough to make a trip to the Verizon store to get it working, but it didn’t, so I ended up doing literally nothing all day except reading and watching TV. The guy from the dog couple came by and gave me an earful about his problems with his girlfriend, and I guess he took some things from the trailer, then disappeared, then in the late afternoon, the woman came back, and immediately made problems, stopping her truck on the road for some unknown reason, then couldn’t start it again because she left her key fob and home and it wouldn’t start again (she blamed the truck for ‘letting her drive away without the fob’), but one of the other campers helped her call a wrecker to tow the truck to the dealer where they are apparently going to reprogram it or something. Some people just put out such negative vibes they surround themselves with a bubble of negativity, just like the dust boy in the Peanuts cartoons, and she’s a great example of that. She’s apparently staying here overnight and pulling the trailer out tomorrow when she gets her truck back, hopefully. I haven’t been receiving text messages for five days, and I made the mistake of trying to call Verizon to fix it, and in the end, once again, I ended up being told to do a factory reset, now I can’t get into my Google account so my phone has nothing on it. If I can’t fix it in the morning, I’ll go to Okeechobee tomorrow and spend the day in the Verizon store straightening all this mess out, though I was hoping to wait until Thursday, since I have appointments at two vets for the horses at one, for Lola at the other. I may just postpone those until my next necessary trip, trying to cut down on as much travel as possible, what with diesel at nearly $6/gal. We’ll see what happens in the morning. Anyway, I spent most of the day sitting in my recliner, and if it’s true that sitting is the new smoking when it comes to heart disease, I smoked a pack today! Heading off to shower and bed, though I don’t have a book to read because I can’t download Kindle on my phone because now I can’t get into my Google account because I tried too many times and it shut me out. Verizon……Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! Good night, my darlin’! Love you!

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