Tuesday, June 21, 2022 – More Painting and Planning

Hi Darlin’!
Having gone to bed a little earlier, I was up a little earlier, and was out painting posts right after chores and breakfast. Today it was all about finalizing the colors on every post, making sure I had every post that I needed, and checking that I had the right materials coming. It took longer than I thought, didn’t get finished until 12:30, then spent several more hours on the computer verifying everything, finding a couple of additions I need to complete, but I’m feeling pretty confident that it’s settling down nicely. It may be a whole other story once I get out there, but on paper and computer, it sure is looking fine! Kept busy with that until 4:00, then settled in for the evening, chicken on the grill and binge TV. No storms today, but there’s a cooler northern breeze, I think I might actually try to get a ride in tomorrow! Seems like it’s been ages! And it won’t be in order to check on anything, it will be purely for pleasure for a change. Though you know me, I’m bound to be keeping an eye out for something that needs doing! My new phone is supposed to be arriving by Fedex (yeah, right, we’ll see about that!) and if it comes early enough, I may take a run up to Okeechobee again and finish this swap-out of phones, we’ll see. Meanwhile, a quiet evening, shower and bed are in my near future! Good night, baby! Love you!

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