Tuesday, April 26, 2016 – Shop Day and Gator Day

Did a few chores around our site, then I ran out to do some shopping. On the way back I decided to check out the entrance to Bear Lake which is on the way to the equestrian area, to see if there was an opportunity to bring down our hyper dog Lola for some exercise, with swimming being her favorite option. Turned out that there was an entrance to Bear Lake that was proclaimed as a place to launch boats, and when I checked it out. I found a nice floating dock that went out into the lake about 15 yards, but it was heralded by a sign “Gators, no swimming.” When I looked around I didn’t see any sign of them, and I expected they were talking more about people anyway. After getting back to the camp and having dinner, we decided to bring the dogs down to the dock for a bit. I looked around carefully and still didn’t see any gators, though granted, it was very weedy from the end of the dock back to the shore. First, I tossed the ball just a few feet of the dock to see if Lola would go after it, and sure enough, she didn’t hesitate to jump off and retrieve it. We discovered it was quite deep there, and she needed help getting back on the dock, so I grabbed her and pulled her in , no problem, Then I tossed the ball out about ten yards, and she jumped in after it, and swam like the trooper she is out and back. I was ready for her, and hauled her back in again. As I turned to throw the ball again, I saw the head of a gator pop out of the water about 10 feet from the dock. Good timing that he did that then! I guess our splashing served to attract him, so that was the end of our swimming expedition. We headed back to camp where I tossed the ball for a while in the field next to the camp before retiring for the evening.

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