Tuesday, April 26, 2011 – Departure Day

Set the alarm for 7:30, managed to be up and around by 8:00, and packed up and ready to go by just after 9:00. Said our good-byes to Brother, and headed on up the road. Stopped at the Flying J in Ft. Pierce and dumped (first time we had to actually pay for it, a phenomenon that started when Pilot bought them out), then went in for a sit-down breakfast at what is now Denny’s (used to be the Country Market), then headed north again. Our original plan was to stop at Tiger Bay, but we left so early and made such good time, and it was so hot outside, that we decided to get as far north as we could, so we changed our aim to Cary State Forest just west of Jacksonville, a gem of a spot where we stayed last year for nearly two weeks. Our favorite spot at the old homeside was no longer available, so we parked in another spot next to the fire tower, highlined the horses and were all settled in by just after 5:00. Still hot here, but at least we’re moving north!

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