Thursday, September 7, 2023 – Hay, Shopping And Ride!

Hi Babe,
Had a busy day today, and got lots of stuff done! I arranged to pick up hay this morning at a place about 20 minutes away, turned out to be a huge commercial outfit, with hay barns and a feed lot and lots of mechanics shops. Bought some grass hay for $7 a bale, a bit high, but not surprising with the cost of diesel over $4 a gallon again. Looks like nice hay, we’ll see how the bobos like it. Then I ran into Battle Creek to do my shopping at the Walmart, they had a rechargeable fan there I wanted to get for future hot nights, thought it would be good in the bedroom so I wouldn’t have to keep the inverter on. I’m sure I’ll be having more hot nights when I’ll need it as I head south! Got back to camp around 2:30, put all the groceries away, and immediately went out and saddled Flash. We took a short ride around the “Historic Trail”, which was just over four miles, but it was a nice trail. Firm footing, and with the rain last night, so dust, and also no mud, surprisingly. A few places with some gravel, mostly on hills, but all round stones, so not bad. The crossing at one creek was actually filled with nice Chattahoochee stones, so a very easy crossing. Lola came along, and she enjoyed it, and wasn’t even limping when we got back. I’ve been trying not to play fetch with her the last few days to let her leg heal, still not sure what’s causing it, but I figured rest would help, and it seems to have done so. Stored the hay in the trailer, except for three bales, two of the new and one of the old, which I’ll use to transition them over. No more alfalfa after this! Have to get back to just grass hay. Had dinner, watched some TV, ready for shower and bed here shortly. A busy day, which made up for the lazy day yesterday! Love you, darlin’! Good night!

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