Thursday, May 25, 2023 – First Wonderful Ride at Hungerford

Hi Babe,
Had a wonderful night sleep, to bed early and laid in late reading, so feeling much more refreshed today. For the first time, while my foot was still in pain, it wasn’t debilitating, which is a relief, and a sign that it truly is just bruising and not broken. Spent the morning working on all kinds of projects, and was finally able to get a welder out here to look at my wheel well. While he started the job, he wasn’t able to finish it because his welder is in for warranty repairs, but promises to finish it next week when he returns from his holiday weekend up in the UP (that’s the Upper Peninsula, for those of you not familiar with the Michigan vernacular). He cut out all the bad stuff and made forms to replace that, so I’m sure he’ll be back to finish. Meanwhile, I got a bunch of other stuff accomplished, all while waiting for the day to warm up enough to ride. It was VERY chilly this morning, close to the freezing point, and it’s supposed to be the same tomorrow morning, but warming steadily through the week. By 2:00 it finally reached acceptable temps for riding, so I made a quick GPS sketch for about a seven+ mile ride, saddled up Flash, and we all soon headed out. Lola was in desperate need of exercise, too, and was happy to come along. Flash was a bit hesitant when we were on the gravel road to the trailhead, but he soon opened up when we hit the perfect, hard sandy footing of the trails. We did a couple of miles at a moderate gait once he got warmed up, and he really enjoyed himself. Ran into a few other riders and a buggy, but no problem, and Lola was brilliant, as usual, taking a wide berth out into the woods whenever other riders came by. Such a good girl! Every time I come here to Hungerford, I marvel at how perfect it is for riding and camping. Every trail we went on today was wonderful, and a lot drier than I remember, I seem to remember there was a lot of mud last time, but not this year! Truly a wonderful ride! And Flash had no trouble remember his way around, he really stretched out on the last straight-away home, and made the turn into the trail leading to camp like he’d been doing it every day since the last time we were here two years ago! A fabulous ride, so glad it finally warmed up enough to do it! Temps are supposed to be getting to the freezing mark again tonight, so the horses are blanketed and fed, I showered early so my hair would dry before the temps got too low, and I’m all settled down for the evening. Still have a lot of issues to resolve, but I feel like I’m making some good headway. Headed for bed soon, despite the fact that it’s only just barely got dark here, past 9:30! I really hate daylight savings time these days! Anyway, good night, sweetie! Love you!

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