Thursday, March 21, 2019 – Cancer Removal

One of the things we’ve been working on over the last few weeks has been to get two major health issues resolved. One is to get Hubby’s back fixed up. He’s gone through two rounds of shots in his back, which helped, but only for a few days, but they were mandatory before he undergoes a procedure that will give him longer lasting relief, which we’re hoping to get done before we leave. We spent much of the day on the phone and running around trying to get everything in order for him to get the surgery on Monday, which is the only day of the month his doctor can do it. Apparently he only does surgeries once a month! Go figure. The other issue was a wound on his face that has been weeping for a very long time now, and we finally had it analyzed and discovered it was a form of skin cancer, so today we had it removed. That required them lazering out a big hole on the side of his face, then going to a second doctor, a plastic surgeon, who neatly sewed it all back up again a few hours later. That all ended well, thank goodness, and though he has some Frankenstein-like stitches for the next 10 days, it should take care of the cancer issue. The miracle of modern medicine!

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