Thursday, June 30, 2022 – Runaround Vet and Phone Return Day

Hi Darlin’,
Woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep for a long time, so I ended up not getting out of bed until almost 8:30, don’t know what was up with that! The good news is, the dog bitch was gone this morning, evidently one of the other campers persuaded her that it would be cheaper and easier to just take an Uber home (to the tune of $350) than to waste another day waiting for a tow truck, when the dealer said it would be $600 just to make her two new key fobs, with towing extra, so that what she did. She managed to get packed up on her own after all, though I think she might have had her son or someone with her, and they departed camp at 1:00 in the morning. So that made it a much happier morning for me! After chores and breakfast, I hooked up the little horse trailer, loaded up Lola and all my phone stuff, and went into Verizon to return the A42 that I hated, and got some good advice about not sending in the Nokia return until it’s confirmed they’ll refund my money when they get it. Then I did some shopping at the Walmart next door, and timed it perfectly to get to Lola’s vet appointment at 2:00 for her annual exam and shots. I have lots of leftover heartworm tablets that Jeff had, expired but I figure they’re air tight so they’re probably still good, no sense wasting them considering how much they cost! All clear for worms, though, so she’s as healthy as she can be! Headed from there out to the other vet for the horses, got their annuals and blood taken for their Coggins, a bit overdue, but since I haven’t been traveling, I haven’t worried about it. Rain built up all around us but we missed most of it. One last stop at the IGA for a few frozen items, then back to camp around 5:00, got the horses put away, the trailer unhooked, the tractor turned around so I can unhook the bush hog for some further 3-point hitch diagnostics tomorrow, if I’m up for it. Grilled a hot dog and settled down after rounds, the camp is empty now except for one woman in a tent who’s been perfectly charming and very patient with the dog bitch, actually counseled her for a while yesterday, but I expect she’s too old to change her ways. Anyway, time for ice cream, then shower, then bed! Good night, sweetheart! Love you!

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