Thursday, February 23, 2012 – Van Day

Part arrived early this morning (finally, FedEx does something right for a change!), and Hubby got busy working on the van. Unfortunately, it was a pretty hot day, and he had a few dizzy spells during the morning, so I ended up coming out to give him a hand in the afternoon. He spent several hours trying to release some piping which, in the end, we decided didn’t need to really come off. After that, it was fairly straightforward to drop the tank, change the fuel pump, and re-hang the tank again, though it took the rest of the day. Then, when we were ready to test the system, the battery failed. This didn’t really surprise us, as it had really died quickly when our flashers were on while we were dead by the side of the road, but we’ve never had any trouble with it before so we never thought about it. Turns out the battery is original equipment from 2003! Guess we got our money’s worth out of those nine years! Put it on the charge so that tomorrow we’ll be able to go get another battery. No way to really test the system until then, but we have no reason to suspect it’s anything other than the fuel pump (famous last words!) A bit concerned about Hubby’s dizzy spells, he had several bad ones during the day, but I’m thinking it’s probably the heat and dehydration, I can never get him to drink enough fluids, and it’s something all of this doctors keep telling him to do. Well you can lead a horse to water, but… Hot showers and to bed!

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