Thursday, February 18, 2010 – Got it right today!

Ran up to the quail area for a bit of work, sent a bunch of emails trying to find a place in Austin where we can board the horses while we fly to DC, and answering some other emails and phone calls. Got back by noon, grabbed some lunch, saddled up and had a FABULOUS ride. The trails were a bit rough in spots (there had obviously been some ATV traffic, despite the current ban on it as they try to restore the trail), but most of it was very nice. More hills than we’ve seen in a while, gave the horses a good workout. The forest trails are true trails, and the roads here are mostly hard-packed sand with some chattahoochee-type gravel, so it was great footing. We only hit one spot toward the end that someone had put down a bunch of really large obnoxious gravel, but it didn’t last long, fortunately, and it was a shortcut anyway, so we’ll avoid it in the future if possible. Coming up to a road crossing from a trail, we saw the cutest little stop sign at the edge of the road, and they even had a “stop ahead” sign before that! Very cute, never saw that before! Also, there were a number of bridges across some streams that added a bit of variety as well. The main trail has two loops, one is 15 miles and the other about 30, but both have lots of forest roads cutting in and out, so you can create your own path. Really nice mixed woods, with pines and deciduous, and even a ring of bamboo around the camp (why they call it Cane Camp, Hubby thinks). Great day!

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