Thursday, Aug. 27, 2015 – Prep Day

Though we had planned to ride today, for some reason we were both feeling tired, plus it was very cloudy and cool today, so we decided to do some prep work for our Saturday departure, and ride tomorrow, as the forecast is for mostly sunny skies and warmer. We had planned, once again, to change the spare tire out for the new one, which currently resides in the spare tire rack under the RV, but Hubby wasn’t able to solve the problem with the bottle jack. Though he refilled it with hydraulic oil and followed all the usual guidelines, it simply refused to pump, so we weren’t able to complete that job, again. A new jack is now on the shopping list! We transferred the hay from the horse trailer into the back of the pickup truck, which was easy since the bales or pretty light, and put away what we could. A mundane day, but necessary.

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