Thursday, April 27, 2017 – Run Out to Post Office, Visit with Neighbors

Well, the rain started coming in during the middle of the night, but no where near as bad as we thought. The radar showed a really heavy squall line before we went to bed, so we decided to put the horses in the trailer overnight, just to be on the safe side from lightning, but as it turned out, it wasn’t that bad, mostly just rain, not much wind, but just enough lightning to make us glad we put the horses in the trailer. Had a terrible night sleep, though, lots on my mind, so a lot of tossing and turning until I got up and went into the living room so I wouldn’t disturb Hubby too much. Finally started to feel sleepy, so I crawled into Lola’s big dog bed, covered myself up in her blanket, and drifted off. Woke up around 6:30 and went back into the bedroom, to find Lola had managed to slink up on to my side of the bed, so I had to quietly get her off before I could get in bed for another hour of sleep. Not a great night sleep, obviously, but enough to make it through the day. I had received a book order yesterday, so my first order of business was to package up a book, and after breakfast I took it to the nearest post office, which was about 11 miles away. Usually I just drop them off on the way to our next stop, but since the plan is to stay here for more than a week, I didn’t want anyone to have to wait that long. When I got back, I spent some time chatting with the neighbors (Larry and Marla and Debbie and Greg), and eventually Larry wanted to see the book, and he ended up buying one, too. Had a nice chat, though, and learned more about the trails (like it was rocky enough to require boots) and generally felt like I had made new friends today. Closed out the day sitting with Hubby in our lounge chairs until it was time for chores and dinner. By now I was really dragging from lack of sleep. I’m looking forward to a better night sleep tonight, and a good ride tomorrow!

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