Sunday, September 10, 2023 – Busy Day Packing

Hey Babe!
Another good night sleep, then got busy today, had a lot to do. Did two loads of laundry and my housekeeping, then started putting some stuff away, and did some computer work. The parking lot was busy all day today, must have been a dozen trailers or more coming and going all day. Popular place! Chatted with some folks, sold a book to a woman who I met at Hungerford who said she wanted one, did some more packing. I took Lola for a walk on the final trail I hadn’t GPSed here, which was about half a mile loop north of the camp. Wasn’t worth the effort to saddle a horse, so we just took a nice easy walk, took less than 15 minutes, so at least that’s done. Settled down for dinner and another Jack Ryan episode, still taking forever to load up. I sure hope the next place has a better signal, though I had a good signal at the last place and it didn’t help. I’m thinking that whenever Verizon updates they download a bunch of crap I don’t need or use, and it’s taking up so much space that it won’t run efficiently. We’ll see! Anyway, getting to bed early, since I’ll be getting up early. We have a long drive tomorrow, I’m going to Youngs Creek in Southern, IN, about 350 miles, but it’s almost all freeway so it shouldn’t be to bad. Off to my shower! Good night, my darlin’! Love you!

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