Sunday, Mar. 24, 2019 – Ride Day with Hubby

So happy Hubby was feeling well enough for a ride today! Had a nice strawberry and cream breakfast before saddling up the horses, and off we went on a 5-mile loop around Hungryland, so even Lola dog was able to join us today! It was a gorgeous day, mid 70’s, hardly a cloud in the sky, precisely the reason we come to Florida for the winter. Everyone behaved themselves beautifully, no problems whatsoever. Flash and Apollo are getting along fine, and Hubby and I are working out how to ride a quarter horse and a paso together. Trying to get a gait that’s good for both has been interesting, but I’ve always worked on a nice slow jog with Apollo, and that seems to just about be right for Flash’s walk, with the occasional cordo to catch up, which Hubby doesn’t mind at all. Unlike the last time when I took this loop and was knee-high in water for three 100-yard sections, the swamp had dried up and a bit, and we were barely ankle high in just two of those sections. We all had a great time, so glad to be back in the saddle! Arrived back about 90 minutes later, put the horses away, then worked on the Buick for a bit. This past week, it’s been stalling out whenever it went down to idle, so we took a look at what the problem might be, potentially a solenoid, but we found a chewed bit of vacuum line that we thought might be the problem. We temporarily taped it up, hoping that would prove that that might be the problem, which we’ll know for sure tomorrow when we drive it. Spend some time out by the pool playing fetch with Lola before retiring for the evening.

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