Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014 – Second Fabulous Ride at Pace Bend Park

Gorgeous weather compelled us to pack up and ride today, so we decided to head to Pace Bend again, arriving around noon. This time the booth was manned, but upon discovering Hubby was 80 (well, almost : -), he let us pass through without paying. He gave us a map and suggested a parking area that is popular with equestrians, which is essentially anywhere in the day use area at the north end of the park. We complied, parking in the open area there, and got the horses saddles up in short order. There was a pretty stiff breeze, but it didn't seem to bother anyone. We rode around the beach are for a few minutes before crossing the road and heading up the hill that is the backbone of the park. My GPS batteries died, and I couldn't find my spares, so I had to fill in the blanks after getting back. We had a lovely ride, doing as many of the interior trails as we could, as we missed them last time around, and there were some excellent views of the lake from there, the highest point in the park. They were quite a bit rockier than the perimeter trail, but still not so bad that it bothered the horses, though they had their boots on. There were a lot more people in the park, but no other equestrians and just a few bike riders on the trails, whom we mostly were able to avoid, though they didn't bother the horses at all anyway. It was a beautiful day, and a fabulous ride, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. When we got back to the van, however, there was a "ticket" on the windshield telling me to pay on the way out. Of course, when I presented to the guy at the booth on the way out, he just smiled and said he's take care of it, which he did! Thank you! Really enjoyed the day!

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