Sunday, Dec. 28, 2014 – Ride Day on the Flats at Catalina State Park

Had our usual Sunday morning blueberry pancake breakfast (well, more like at brunch-time), then saddled up the horses so that we could explore the flats to the northwest of the campground. From my previous walks with Billy, I found a number of trails that seemed to interweave nicely, so we headed out on the first trail that headed west, which we followed as far west as we could before turning northward. We spent more time on the wash than we would have liked, but eventually we hooked up with some of the firmer trails that we liked better. We hit a fence after a while, where we turned east. Once we reached the middle, and ran into several other riders as well, we headed south again, back toward camp. The footing was perfect, so we hadn't even put boots on, and everyone was completely relaxed, and we all enjoyed ourselves. A great, no drama ride!

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