Sunday, Aug. 23, 2015 – New Site Day

Got up early with the alarm this morning, to insure we got the site and stalls we wanted, pulling in the slides and getting the stabilizers up shortly before the convoy left. We go the horses moved over as soon as the previous tenants finished sanding them, then quickly slid over into one of the waiting sites. After an hour, we had everything set up again, and after breakfast I returned to the other site and cleaned it to perfection, even spreading pine needles throughout to give it that “leave no trace” appearance. A nice job of set dressing, if I may say so myself! We felt much better having done that, the tension that had been present all week was lifted (despite my agreement with the ranger, a couple of busybodies in the campground felt it necessary to harass us with their disapproval, so it has not been the most relaxing time). Now there’s no reason for tension, and we relaxed accordingly. Looking forward to my birthday ride tomorrow!

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