Sunday, April 21, 2013 – Rest, Laundry and Dinner Day

I was glad to see that LaQuinta also had a guest laundry, which happened to be next to the pool, so I bought some detergent and fabric softener from the front desk, got on my bathing suit, and headed out to do laundry, sunbathe and read. Finished in pretty short order, then headed back up to the room. We had dinner planned with one of our clients who would be attending our workshop tomorrow, and met him at a place called Pizza Antica in an area in Santa Clara called Santana Row, a popular shopping area with the feel of a small town Main Street, only with all the big chain stores. Had a fabulous evening with our new friend, gave him a ride back to his hotel, then headed back to ours, in bed early in order to be up bright and early for our THIRD job since we arrived in San Francisco. We really crammed them in this time!

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