Saturday, November 20, 2010 – Plenary and Coaching Day

At breakfast, while Hubby had already gone to start coaching, I delivered a two-minute plug about our upcoming Plenary workshop in the room next door at 10:00. After breakfast we moved over there (we had blocked off the hour from coaching so that Hubby could attend), and we had excellent attendance. It started out about 2/3 full, then by 10 minutes after we began, the room was packed. It was very well received, lots of notes taken, enough time for a few good questions before we ended. Naturally, shortly afterward, just about every open coaching slot was taken, right through Sunday night). Spent the rest of the day coaching, tag teaming lunch again, very busy and very well-received, with lots of compliments from some pretty important women. Too tired to go out for dinner (we worked until 8:00), so we had Chinese take-out brought in, watched a Mel Gibson movie, then went to bed as early as we could.

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