Saturday, May 1, 2021 – Nice Quiet Day

Hi Darlin’!
Had a FABULOUS night sleep, after all that exercise yesterday, even going to bed early I ended up sleeping in a bit, really nice! Had a pretty relaxing day, just took one short trip to Tractor Supply which is right up the road, and took a little chaney root hike, but other than that, I just mostly read for the day. Guess I needed the rest! I’ve been really doing well on fresh water and solar energy this week, we’ve had so much sunshine, I probably haven’t had the generator on for more than an hour or so total this week, and I’ve been able to start it without jumping it every single time! Also, I’ve only just gotten down to two bars on the fresh water tank this afternoon, amazing considering I’ve been showering every night, though I did wash my hair with the trough hose the other day. I’m getting more confident in being able to boondock and dry camp a bit more, so my only consideration for doing more backwoods stuff is the size of the rig. Sandy called to say she’s pretty sure she’s going to join me at Loretta Lynns later in the month, which will be great, and Maggie may be joining me as well. Getting a pretty good network going here now. Sandy really wants me to come up to Michigan and stay at their place, bragging on their green grass for the horses, and I see no reason why that shouldn’t be a good place to go in July, since it’s definitely above the 42nd parallel! Anyway, time for shower and bed. Love you, babe! Good night!

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