Saturday, March 18, 2023 – Happy 89th Birthday! Great Kayak Ride

Hello My Darling!!
Happy 89th Birthday! I SO wish we were celebrating it together! I love you and miss you every day, my love! But in the spirit of how we lived out life, which was day to day and always looking forward to tomorrow, I had a wonderful adventure today. I was invited by my “concert” friends on a kayaking trip that started in Riverbend Park and took us all the way to Jonathan Dickinson State Park. We paddled through some of the most gorgeous, pristine and wild Florida country that I’ve ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous! There was eight of us paddling, my friends managed to borrow a kayak for me, and we had a fantastic time! We paddled as far as the Trapper Nelson’s Camp, a remarkable historical place, then Mark met us with his Boston Whaler, and we tied all the boats in a line and he pulled us the rest of the way to the boat launch. We saw bunches of alligators, turtles, fish, a few birds, it was fantastic! We ran into all kinds of obstacles which we had to maneuver around, so it was quite challenging, but it was all worth it. What a great time! It took us most of the day, it was nearly 5:00 when I got back to my truck at Riverbend, then I had to drive out to Glenn’s to service his pool and move some boards around to keep them from getting wet with the rain that’s coming in. I had a terrible night sleep last night, but not surprisingly, I was falling asleep in my chair during a movie, so I’m headed to bed, exhausted. Took my shower as soon as I got home, so I’m more than ready for bed! Good night, sweetheart! Love you!

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