Saturday, June 25, 2022 – Bad Start, But Mostly Quiet Day

Hi Sweetie,
Another 6:30 morning, really starting to get to be a habit! Fed the horses, then I had to go over to those campers that have seven dogs, yeah seven, I missed one yesterday, and told them they couldn’t stay here with that many. At first they seemed fine with it, but then the woman got all belligerent with me about it, saying the information wasn’t on the permit or anywhere else except the sign on the front gate, and that after driving three hours to be here, what was wrong and she was going to sue and all kinds of over the top threats. Well, I found that information on the first paragraph on the first page of the Dupuis website, printed it out and gave it to her, so that should have ended that discussion. I thought they were going to pack up and leave, but eventually they just left with their dogs, saying they were going to take them to a dog sitter and come back, but I didn’t see them for the rest of the day. I had to take down the tent that this woman and her two kids left behind, apparently having car trouble (so she told the office) and didn’t know when she’d be back, so I packed everything up and stored it for her, though I’m not holding my breath that she’ll ever come back for it. Then I spent several hours on the computer researching the problems with my 3 point hitch on the Yanmar, and think I’ve got it figured out how to fix it, but it was too late in the day to start, so I just took the rest of the day off for a change. Of course, I’m still pulling out ragweed galore whenever I come over to the barn, and it seems like I pull scores of them every time, hoping that makes enough of a dent where I can stay ahead of them when they start to flower again. Read for awhile, then binge-watched some more Supernaturals, I’m nearing the end of Season 12, not quite as good as some of the earlier seasons, but still keeping my interest. Gave Lola a bath, she’s been scratching a lot, and vacuumed her bed and chair hoping to keep the fleas down. She’s a lot more comfortable now. So just need to do my Spanish lesson and I’ll be ready for shower and bed! I can hear some thunder coming, so it looks like we’ll get some more much needed rain. Good night, my darlin’! Love you!

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