Saturday, February 25, 2012 – Van Wash

Well, all our best intentions were to take it easy today in preparation for our long ride tomorrow, but I just couldn’t stand looking at how dirty the van was, so I set out to give it a “quick” wash, which, of course, never turns out to be the case. I did manage to get it cleaned up, and then, while doing the final spritzing of the windsheild, I managed to pull a muscle in my back, twisting it “just so” in that way when you know it’s going to hurt very soon. Just what I didn’t need! At least the van was clean! We took a quick ride over to Jupiter Farms Park to register for the ride tomorrow, then came back and hooked it up to the horse trailer so we would be all set to go in the morning. I took some painkillers, and we went to bed early, alarm set for before dawn.

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