Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014 – Rest Day

Pretty tired from yesterday’s long ride, plus the trails are obviously really busy today, with lots of hikers, riders and cyclists, so we sat the day out. I did move the horses out into another corral that was a bit dryer, and raked out their corrals a couple of times to try to get them dried out, which helped somewhat. Clio’s was almost dry by the time I got done, but Apollo’s still had a few pockets of mud. No more rain in the forecast, though, so hopefully it will get better. Good news is that Clio seems to be eating this hay much better, but she’s still pushing her nose into it and sorting through it, so I suspect some of it is getting pushed down her trough into Apollo’s reach, and he’s actually finishing it off. Just keeping an eye on her weight, for sure.

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